Saturday Offer - 4/8/2023

Back to Brown

Hello Collectors,

We sent out our first spirits offer last year, and that was a wild, enlightening day for us at Cellar Trading. Since then, we’ve sold thousands of bottles of hardwater, and there are zero signs of slowing. When we ran an offer showcasing the entire Pappy Van Winkle core portfolio sold out within hours, leaving us to write a lot of unfortunate “sorry, sold out” emails. Well today we return, having re-upped on spirits from not just Kentucky, but around the world. In light of the holiday weekend upon us we wanted to get this out to you a day early, but we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week.

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Kicking things off with Old World spirits, we’ve got you covered with rarities from France and Scotland. Need a bottle of Louis XIII? We’ve got one. Looking to turn heads with an incredibly rare bottle of 1992 DRC Marc de Bourgogne? We’ve got one. In Scotch, we have two red-hot releases from Macallan: the Harmony Intense Arabica (inspired by Ethiopian Arabica coffee flavors) and the Sir Peter Blake (a 1967 single malt celebrating the English artist).

Stateside, Bourbon dominates this list, as it does all our others. This one’s chock full of reups on collectible favorites like Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, Old Carter, George T. Stagg (and Jr.), Thomas Handy, and WhistlePig Boss Hog. For Weller fans—or really fans of any wheated Bourbon—we’re loaded for bear today. Their “Craft Your Perfect Bourbon” lives up to its name, having just won Best Kentucky Bourbon at the World Whiskies Awards (clunky name, very real award). Forbes writes of it, “…this delectable, 8-year-old vanilla bomb … currently can’t be found for less than $800 on secondary markets,” and yet we somehow have 4 bottles for $700 each. Rounding out the Weller lineup is everything from Antique 107 to Single Barrel to the highly coveted William Larue Weller.

As if these weren’t enough, we’ve got some one-off gems like Lock, Stock & Barrel 21 Year, Russell’s Reserve, and Willett. But be warned: act quickly or you may get one of our least favorite replies: “Sorry, sold out!”