Saturday Offer - 6/17/2023

Price Drop: 2021 Bordeaux

Hello Collectors,

It’s not often that we drop prices, but sometimes we have inventory we thought would move faster than it did. And sometimes the market shifts, prices drop, and we have to respond in kind to remain competitive and give you the best deals. Today’s offer is the latter. Not wanting to be late to the party, we’re coming in loud and proud with these freshly sharpened prices. 

As we said last year, we’re very excited about 2021 Bordeaux. The wines remind us strongly of the classic and precise wines of the 1980s. This is an extremely welcome stylistic throwback, since so many of the top Bordeaux vintages lately have come with higher alcohols. And while we obviously have nothing against booze, it can be an unfortunate deterrent to having another glass, no matter how much we love the wine. Another reason we’re looking forward to the 2021s is their relatively early drinking windows, so we don’t have to wait several years to even consider opening them. 

It actually pains us to drop the prices on the ‘21s, because we’re willing to bet that once they’re bottled and out in the world, people will be clamoring to get more—and with higher demand comes higher prices. But we have a responsibility to be a leader in the marketplace, keeping up with and responding to trends. We haven’t seen rampant, large-scale offers of ‘21s at lower prices yet, but we’ve seen signs that they’re coming. So, we’re getting ahead of the wave and giving you an early opportunity to capitalize on this market shift. 

There’s an incredible array of great names and highly rated wines here, but where this list really shines is bringing something that Bordeaux lovers have all but given up trying to find: value. Fourth Growth Saint-Pierre for $45? Lynch-Bages’ second wine for $35? Third Growth Langoa Barton also for $35? Yes, yes, and yes—with so much more as well. These deals will come and go, so be sure to order early! 

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