The Friday List - 11/17/2023

Pre-Holiday Cheer

Hello Collectors,

As we enter the season of giving,  there is someone you should never leave off the list of people to get something that they truly want- yourself! It’s perfectly ok to make sure that you get what you truly want this holiday season, and we have a strong feeling it could be on today’s list. We have some incredibly rare wines that we never see, combined with the classic names that you know and love, and which we expect to be gone in a flash.

First, we have a bounty of wines that are due to arrive just after Thanksgiving! We’ve clearly marked all of those, as well as several offerings that recently showed up and are ready to ship. My New Year’s resolution will be to make it more clear as to when wines will arrive, aiding in the information that we bring to you while shopping. As a wine consumer myself, I want that clear picture, too, of when things will be ready to ship.

The star of today’s offer is the rarely seen Pierre Gonon St. Joseph Vieilles Vignes, which also hails from the legendary 2010 vintage. Another rare gem is the 2002 Quintarelli Rosso del Bepi, a wine that is actually a declassified Amarone that sells for a fraction of the price. For those that have never had the 2002, it is a wildly impressive wine that is arguably the last “steal” that exists from the Quintarelli lineup.

Another wine that will be gone in a flash is the Abreu Madrona Ranch, as we have a trio of vintages to offer. For fans of Abreu, do not miss out on the Impensata wines either. These are made by none other than Nigel Kinsman (of Kinsman Eades, Eisele, and  Accendo), and is sourced from the Ecotone Vineyard which was previously the source for Abreu’s Thorevilos! There are a bevy of other gems from Rhone, Burgundy and Italy including Chave, Dujac, Ponsot, G. Mascarello, G. Rinaldi, Hubert Lignier, Guigal, and so many more!

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