Returning to the Rhône

Hello Collectors,

About two months ago, we ran our first entirely Rhône variety offering, and the results were eye-popping. Frankly, we had no idea there was such demand for these [excellent, world-class, often great value] wines among our collecting community. We ourselves are huge Rhône fans at Domaine, so we heard you loud and clear, and are happy to keep feeding this monster! Today’s offer spans the globe and includes many of the hardest to find wines from this great, underrepresented category.

For those seeking greatness and value both, we’ve got very sharp pricing on some of the most beloved names in the Rhône Valley: Janasse, Vieux Telegraphe, Beaucastel, Pierre Usseglio, and Chappelle St. Theodoric. And that’s just from Châteauneuf-du-Pape! St. Theodoric, by the way, is a new addition to importer Peter Weygandt’s portfolio, which is absolutely stacked with phenomenal wines, courtesy his impeccable palate. Peter may not hype his producers, but we certainly will: seriously, check out St. Theodoric.

Today also offers the last of a Domaine staff favorite: Jean-Claude Marsanne. Yes, we know we can be a little annoying about Marsanne’s wines, but that’s because they’re objectively great. They’re the intersection of everything we love in wine collecting: high quality, low price, easy drinking upon release, yet age beautifully seemingly forever. Honestly, we continue to be shocked at how every social media “winefluencer” isn’t trying to make their name by hyping this producer. In the meantime, however, Marsanne can just be our little secret.

For those who aren’t afraid of some, shall we say, “exuberance” in your glass, some of the best domestic Rhône variety wines are represented here today. Cayuse, Horsepower, K Vintners, Carlisle, and Saxum are present. And if you’re looking for the biggest of the big guns, we’re returning with another incredible selection from Sine Qua Non—and a few bottles from Manfred’s son’s label, Fingers Crossed. Word to the wise, though: we’ve sold hundreds of these this year, and they tend to fly quickly upon offer, so grab them while you can!

Finally, for the Spanish wine lovers, we have an impressive vertical of the famed Finca Dofí by Alvaro Palacios. But this is such a comprehensive list, we’ve only scratched the surface here, so trust us: there are plenty of other gems for the taking. Happy hunting, Rhône fans!

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