The Friday List - 1/20/2023

Bordeaux Blitz

Hello Collectors,

It’s hard to write about Bordeaux. What hasn’t been said about the most famous wine region in the world, and thousands of times over? Bordeaux’s greatness is undeniable, but often overshadowed by hyperbole and cliché in the press. And with popularity comes naysayers, contrarians, and bad faith actors looking to sell their unique or “edgy” brands of spin on this well-trod territory. But even in unremarkable vintages, the upper echelons of Bordeaux producers are still making some of the best wines on Earth in any given year. For example, forget what critics said about 2014 Latour; when we tasted it in 2022, it was nothing short of sublime. Today’s offer is a broad selection of great Bordeaux that runs the gamut from new to aged, First Growths to Saint-Emilion’s unsung heroes, legendary vintages to sleepers. This list is a showcase of why Bordeaux is the king.

We’ll start by talking a little about Château de Millery. This is an amazing estate from the Figeac owners, completely head-spinning and an incredible value. Antonio Galloni adored it, awarding 96 points to the merely $70 bottle of Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. What’s especially shocking is that this wine has a miniscule production, at a scant 250 cases. There are Grand Cru Burgundy bottlings made in larger quantities! We’re a bit puzzled by how the folks at Figeac are making any money on this venture, but that’s not our problem to solve. Fans of VCC and Angélus will especially love this one—not to mention at this price.

For those who crave older Bordeaux, the ’89 Cheval, ’90 Haut-Brion, ’89 La Mission Haut-Brion, ’89 Latour, and ’99 Lafite are all from a single pristine cellar, all with clean bills. There’s another bevy of well-aged gems in excellent condition too, including 2000 Pavie, ’95s from Pichon Lalande, Lynch Bages, LLC, and Ducu, as well as ’96 Lafite. Looking for cellar-direct back vintage wines? Check out today’s offerings from Canon, Latour, and Palmer.

There’s so much more to love here today, but we’re trying to lend guidance, not write a manifesto. So take a scroll through this diverse offer, and enjoy the depth and breadth of a classic Domaine Friday List.

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