The Friday List - 12/16/2022

The Best of Burgundy

Hello Collectors,

It’s been a long time since we put together a Burgundy list as stacked as this. There’s depth and breadth across the entire region: Grand Cru to village, blue chip to weekday drinker, new release to perfectly mature. But perhaps most impressive is the sheer magnitude of legendary names on offer today.

We’ll point out that a number of wines on today’s list come from periods that predate the producer’s superstardom. For instance, Mugneret-Gibourg’s 2002 Echezeaux (a must-have for MG fans). 1993 was a banner year for the Arnoux estate, and the Suchots is an excellent representation of this now-classic producer’s “insider” days. Bertheau, whose star has risen high in the last decade, also shows off here with their 2010 Bonnes Mares.

There are some serious “Burgundy insider” selections here too, such as three from Domaine des Chezeaux, all Ponsot bottlings. Berthaut-Gerbet returns with stellar 2020 new releases ranging from Grand Cru to village. We also have sprinklings each of Jean Grivot, Florent de Merode (now DRC), and a lovely selection of 2019 Lafarge. And while Denis Bachelet is definitely no longer an “insider’s” producer, the Gevrey VV is a wine that often gets unfairly passed up for the Premier Cru bottlings, which it always drinks like. It should be a blind buy for Burgundy collectors, and we’re thrilled to offer you three different vintages today, going all the way back to 2006.

Finally, the blue chips are heavily represented here. Vogüé’s Musigny VV is right up there with anything DRC produces, and often for a fraction of the price. Fortunately, we had access to a shockingly good supply of the incredible 2018 vintage (97-99 points from Vinous) and are bringing it to you at a tremendous price. We also have a few bottles of the now-legendary 2005, which are finally in the zone, but should continue to improve for many, many years to come. And what’s a proper Burgundy list without DRC, Dujac, Liger-Belair, Leroy, or Hudelot-Noëllat? They’re all here today, going back to 1991. In the realm of whites, we have small but amazing selections from Coche-Dury and Roulot. Chablis fans will be thrilled by our Raveneau offerings today, with three Premier and Grand Cru appellations across five vintages.