The Friday List - 3/31/2023

Italy's Icons & Beyond

Hello Collectors,

As we said last week in our California offer, we never intend to have large gaps between offers from hot categories. It just happens as a result of our ever-shifting inventory, dictating that our spotlights shine on what we have enough of to feature. Sadly, we’ll often be planning a Friday List, but then our inventory gets plucked from the store before we can run it. But today, we’re thrilled to say we’ve amassed another great Italian list. Shop it while you can, however, as we don’t know when the next one will be.

Today’s list shines brightest with Tuscany. Antinori is represented comprehensively, with full line-ups of Guado al Tasso, Tignanello, and Solaia—across numerous vintages, with large formats included. Fontodi boasts a similarly stacked list, centered around their crown jewel, Flaccianello, with 100-pt vintages and a variety of large formats. Ornellaia fans will be chomping at the bit for our fabulous selection of both the grand vin and Masseto—also with large formats of legendary releases. And of course, no Tuscan offer would be complete without Sassicaia, or the best of Brunello: Soldera, Stella di Campalto, and Valdicava.

Piedmont represents with a smattering of must-have small lots, including Cappellano, Giacosa, Gaja, Giuseppe Rinaldi, and Giovanni Canonica. Maybe we’ve done too well showcasing these producers, because they’ve gone from Cellar Trading regulars to barely available, as they’re getting snatched up as soon we list them in the store. So, to put it plainly, grab them while you’re able! And speaking of rarities, we’ve got some great offerings from Southern Italy, such as Valentini and Emidio Pepe, plus a diverse selection from Venetian icon Giuseppe Quintarelli.

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