Wednesday Offer - 11/8/2023

Getting Down with the Brown

Hello Collectors,

For those that maybe didn’t know (or have perhaps forgotten), yes, we sell spirits too. Even we are constantly shocked as to the volume of premium whiskeys we sell, but we get it. In traditional brick and mortar retail shops these bottles are hard to find, super limited (don’t you hate those “Limit 1 per customer” signs?), and often the process involves some sort of wheeling and dealing to get what you want. That’s another part of the beauty of Cellar Trading- we aren’t a museum. We work hard to constantly restock the selections you see on the site, and are always thrilled when they find new homes.

Since we haven’t sent a spirits offer out in quite some time, we have accumulated quite a bounty of spirits! We have the big house favorites- E.H. Taylor Small Batch and Eagle Rare 10 are both back in sufficient quantity. We also have nice depth from Old Weller which has, sadly, only increased in popularity by a large margin in the last 2 years. There are a few other gems for the value hunters as well, but only in super limited quantities (yes, I know, we hate saying it too).

At the top end of the range, we have two vintages of my personal favorite- Old Forester’s Birthday Bourbon, both with several years of bottle age on them (2015 and 2018). Our Bourbon-loving clients always seem to go crazy for Russell’s Reserve and Old Fitzgerald, both of which I fully expect to sell out today. Of course, no offer would be complete without an assortment of the most coveted- Pappy Van Winkle. Oh, and a bottle of Macallan 30, just to put a fine cherry on top.