Whiskey Offer - 11/25/2022

Hello Collectors,

If we’ve learned anything from this year’s offers, it’s that we clearly need to keep the whiskey taps open. Part of this, we’ve surmised, is that retailers often get so few bottles of The Good Stuff that it never justifies their sending email offers, so finding those bottles becomes either a game of brick-and-mortar hunting or paying way above market value online. Fortunately, Domaine has a long list of consignors ready to part with some of the most sought-after spirits out there, so we have a constantly replenishing and diverse inventory. And like our wines, we price them based on what’s actually being paid in the marketplace, rather than how other retailers often do: wishful thinking.

Today’s offer is largely Bourbon and Rye, but we’ll start with some rare imports. We’re thrilled to showcase three different special bottlings of Macallan. The first is a 23 Year single cask selection, chosen for K&L by Douglas Laing, which highlights the magic of Macallan’s subtly honeyed single malt flavors with the structure of extended barrel contact and the nuanced complexity of time. Next are two red-hot releases: the Harmony Intense Arabica (inspired by Ethiopian Arabica coffee flavors) and the Sir Peter Blake (a 1967 single malt celebrating the English artist). We also have one of the most collectible whiskeys from Canada in a while: Caribou Crossing. This is an exciting new venture from Sazerac, marking their first single barrel offering from our northern neighbors.

Moving down to Bourbon County, we’ve restocked on the usual suspects: E.H. Taylor, Eagle Rare, and Blanton’s (including a few more full sets of all 8 letters). We also have collectible favorites like Stagg Jr., Old Fitzgerald, and Michter’s (10 Year Rye and Toasted Barrel Sour Mash). For wheated Bourbon fans, we have a great little selection from Weller: 12 Year, Full Proof, Antique 107, CYPB, and Special Reserve. There are a few other gems in this list, so take a look. Suffice to say: whiskey lovers will find plenty to love this week.